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Digital X-Rays

Some injuries are not easily diagnosable at first sight: certain internal problems can go undetected during a visual inspection, leading to major medical issues. Digital imaging tests, such as X-rays, can be taken to diagnose sprains, fractures and tissue injuries that require medical attention to treat and heal properly. AFC Urgent Care Southcenter has on-site X-ray, allowing us to quickly determine the best course of treatment for your injury. 

What are the benefits of Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-Rays are taken and processed faster than traditional film xx-rays. Film requires you to wait considerable time for a machine to free up and even longer for a dark room to be available to develop and finally analyze your images, digital X-Rays can be taken, processed and analyzed in a matter of moments. Digital X-Rays are also easier to transport and handle, storable on discs or thumb drives to take to a specialist if needed. Traditional films come out in large prints, which can be bulky and bend easily. Digital imaging also uses a fraction of the radiation needed for traditional film scans, improving patient safety.

Injuries & Conditions Diagnosed with Digital X-Rays

There are many types of injuries that can be diagnosed through digital imaging tests from a number of causes including sports or automobile accidents, trips and falls or other incidents. Digital imaging can detect problems including:

  • Bone breaks and fractures
  • Sprains
  • Internal conditions that can cause pain
  • Joint damage

Digital X-Rays for Walk-In Patients in Southcenter & Kent, WA

If you have sustained an injury or are experiencing pain without knowing the cause, visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter for digital imaging, diagnosis and treatment. Our walk-in urgent care center accepts most major insurance carriers and is open seven days a week. For questions about digital imaging, please call 425-970-8117.