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Urgent Care Benefits for Local Patients

Patients more than ever need accessible medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic. 2020 has proven to be a difficult year for many families, but trust in getting safe healthcare services is a particularly challenging concern for patients of all walks of life. Many families are not sure whether or not to forgo healthcare altogether due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to quarantine at home. However, neglected necessary medical care and urgent care services may lead to worsened healthcare conditions that are more expensive and costly to treat.

The longer a patient neglects necessary medical, the more likely their quality of life can worsen. Thankfully, urgent care centers such as AFC Urgent Care Southcenter are equipped to handle urgent care needs in a safe environment for patients. Additionally, an urgent care center can help test for COVID-19 and determine the cause of other illnesses including flu and common colds. Injury treatment, preventive care, x-rays, and even more services are available for patients that visit. But did you know urgent care has other benefits for patients that make medical services more convenient and less stressful? Keep reading below to learn more!

Seasonal illness treatment ,COVID-19 Testing, and medical attention

COVID-19 testing is available at most urgent care centers for patients as demand for testing continues to increase. However, patients may also visit urgent care to evaluate other non-COVID-19 symptoms and get the appropriate treatment for their needs. Onsite lab testing allows our providers to diagnose seasonal illnesses including colds, influenza, and other infection, who can then begin treatment for seasonal illnesses.

An urgent care center also offers medical attention for sudden injuries and can even provide x-rays for patients. At AFC Urgent Care Southcenter, our providers maintain CDC-recommended infection control procedures to ensure that all patients can get tested and treated for any illness concerns as they arise.

Safe and accessible medical care for all patients

An urgent care center like AFC Urgent Care Southcenter provides injury treatment, employee physicals, immigration physicals, x-rays, and lab testing through safe processes. Patients that require immediate, non-emergency urgent care can simply visit our clinic as a walk-in patient. Urgent care patients don’t have to wait with those testing for COVID, which usually means a fairly short wait time for our non-COVID services.

Getting safe and effective care doesn’t have to be super challenging. Just visit an urgent care center to get safe and helpful medical assistance for your immediate needs!

Urgent care in Renton, SeaTac, and Kent, WA

The best benefit of urgent care is that local townships in the greater Seattle area can easily get care. AFC Urgent Care Southcenter is conveniently located within 10 minutes from Renton, WA, SeaTac, WA, and Kent, WA. Communities including Tukwila and the Greater Seattle Area can come into AFC Southcenter and get urgent care just down the road from local communities.

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