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AFC Urgent Care Southcenter offers COVID-19 Rapid Testing. Call to schedule for available testing dates. 

Benefits of Using Primary Care Services at AFC Urgent Care Southcenter

People are busy between managing their own schedules, their family routine and staying safe throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. When it comes to maintaining your health, you may not have time to go from place to place for different levels of care. AFC Urgent Care Southcenter is now offering primary care services along with walk-in urgent care to provide our patients with a one-stop location to get the care they need. There are many benefits to having your primary care physician available at a walk-in urgent care.

Ease of Recordkeeping

By having your primary care physician available at your preferred urgent care center, you will be able to have all of your medical records kept in one place, which benefits patients in need of follow-up care. Rather than scrambling to get records of past urgent care treatment available for a primary care visit or follow-up examination, they will be readily available within our systems without searching for paper records, flash drives and DVDs to show copies of x-rays and treatment plans. 

Care You Are Familiar With

Rather than visiting a clinic or center you are unfamiliar with for urgent, non-life-threatening care, you will be able to see the staff you are used to seeing for your primary care, adding a level of comfort to your visit. Especially if you are visiting with a young child who may be scared of unfamiliar surroundings or strangers, using a primary care physician associated with an urgent care clinic can help during unexpected visits.

Level of Care

At AFC Urgent Care, our staff is able to treat many of the conditions and injuries typically brought to an emergency room that cannot wait to be seen by appointment. Having your primary doctor available at an urgent care center allows you to receive the treatment you need without compromising the level of care administered. You’ll be able to get immediate care without the long hours you may find yourself waiting in an emergency room, and your primary care physician may even be available to treat you. You won’t need to wait for an appointment to be seen by a doctor for the care you need.

Primary Care Services in Southcenter, Kent, Tukwila, Renton & SeaTac, WA

AFC Urgent Care Southcenter is now able to perform primary care services six days a week to patients in the South Seattle area. Primary care patients are able to attain a primary physician as well as visit our center for walk-in urgent care. Most major insurance carriers are accepted for both urgent care and primary care services. If you would like to sign up for primary care or have questions about our services, please call 425-970-8117.