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Does My Cut Need Stitches?

Injuries can be sustained at any time due to unexpected accidents like trips and falls. While certain injuries can heal on their own, some may require medical attention to properly heal and to reduce potential for infection. Cuts often require stitches to close the wound and make sure it is properly cleaned out of infection-inducing bacteria. There are several factors that determine whether or not you will need stitches for your cut or laceration and will need to visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter for treatment.

How do stitches work?

Stitches are performed with sterile thread and are used to close open or deep wounds and stop bleeding. Stitches prevent the wound from splitting or reopening as you heal, especially if the laceration is located near a joint. Stitches can be performed with absorbable thread, which dissolve on their own after the wound has healed or non-absorbable thread, which will require you to make a second visit for removal. 

How can I tell if my cut requires stitches?

There are several factors that determine if your cut can heal on its own with simple bandaging and antibacterial or if stitches are needed for proper healing.

  • Appearance: if bone, internal or deep tissue, or tendons are visible, stitches will be needed to close the wound. If the cut is over one inch wide or long in any direction, you should visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter to have your cut examined if stitches are needed.
  • Location: the location of your laceration can affect the potential of infection. If the cut is located near your eye or a major joint, stitches will likely be recommended to avoid infection from entering or forming.
  • Depth: deep cuts (over one-quarter of an inch) will most likely require stitches to heal properly. If you are unsure of the depth of your laceration, you should visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter to have your cut examined and treated. If necessary, an x-ray will be taken to determine the depth of the injury.
  • Is it still bleeding?: if your cut is still bleeding after fifteen minutes of consistent pressure with no signs of slowing or stopping, it may be deeper than it initially appears and could require stitches to heal properly. Visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter to have it examined while still applying pressure to the wound to minimize the bleeding.

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