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Benefits of Occupational Health Services

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is keeping your employees safe in the workplace. A safe and healthy work environment is going to be more productive, with less time lost due to accidents and other incidents. While rigid safety measures may be put in place, an accident can happen at any time from an office to a warehouse to a remote worksite. Having occupational health as part of your overall health plan helps you ensure the health and safety of your employees, leading to a happier and more productive workday. 

Reduced costs for the business

If you do not have an occupational health plan in place, an injured employee is guaranteed at least a minimum number of doctor’s visits to monitor and treat an injury. However, these visits may not be enough to clear the employee to return to work. An occupational health center will be able to maximize treatment visits in order to get an injured employee back to work and quickly as possible, thus limiting the expense for the employer in terms of medical bills and coverage to keep the business moving efficiently. 

Workers’ Compensation

In addition to the wide range of occupational health services we provide including pre-employment physicals and drug testing, AFC Urgent Care Southcenter specializes in treating workplace injuries. Our team is well-versed in the process of making a workers’ compensation claim and the level of communication required for a successful claim, following all Washington state regulations. We will be able to keep your business’ program compliant with local laws as we treat employees until they are ready to return to work. 

Keeping your workplace safer

In addition to enforcing safety regulations around your facility, your business may require employees to have periodic physical exams in order to make sure they are healthy enough to meet the physical requirements of their position. If your company works under the Department of Transportation, specific physicals are required by all employees at least every two years, maybe sooner depending on the employee. 

Consistency in records

By setting up an occupational health program with AFC Urgent Care Southcenter, all of your testing, examination and treatments for workplace injuries can be done under one roof, allowing for ease of communication between our center, the employee and the business. This also allows for easily accessible and consistent recordkeeping, as opposed to rushing from place to place in order to retrieve records with different labeling methods and information.

Worker’s Comp & Occupational Health Services in Southcenter, Kent, Tukwilla, Renton & SeaTac, WA

If you are interested in signing up for an occupational health plan, contact AFC Urgent Care Southcenter today! Our center is open extended evening and weekend hours, so we are always there for your employees. We also accept walk-in patients, allowing us to see your employee as quickly as possible after sustaining an injury. For more information, please call 425-970-8117.