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DOT Physicals for School Bus Drivers

Schools are starting up again for the fall, which means districts across the city will require new bus drivers to manage undercovered routes to transport students. Did you know that school bus drivers are required to undergo specific tests in order to maintain their certification? Per school district guidelines, each driver needs to undergo routine DOT physicals in order to maintain their health certification.

What happens during a DOT Physical?

A state-licensed physician will check several aspects of your overall health, as well as several specific to the qualifications of the job. You will be required to bring a copy of your medical history as well as a list of current medications that may show up on a drug screen. If you require glasses, corrective lenses or hearing aids to maintain full vision and hearing, they will need to be brought to your appointment as well. Your physician will check the following:

  • Hearing and vision
  • Diabetes and blood sugar level
  • Blood pressure (must be under 160/100 with or without prescription medication)
  • Nervous system function
  • Digestion
  • Heart function

How long should I wait between DOT Physicals?

A DOT Physical is valid for up to two years after it is completed and you have passed. However, your employer may require more frequent examinations based on changing requirements of the position, risk factors such as increased blood pressure and new certifications. Your employer can require an updated DOT Physical at any time, including monthly, annually or biannually.

Why are DOT Physicals important for school bus drivers?

School bus drivers are required to undergo DOT physicals in order to make sure each driver is physically able to withstand the job, including spending long periods of time sitting and safely operating a motor vehicle. Stress is common in drivers due to the level of concentration required to keep the bus moving safely, especially with students potentially causing distractions by yelling, jumping around and throwing objects about. Another side effect of stress is high blood pressure, which can lead to further health issues down the line. By undergoing periodic DOT physicals, your doctor will be able to keep an eye on your blood pressure and provide exercises to reduce your stress levels.

DOT Physicals for School Bus Drivers in Southcenter, Kent & South Seattle, WA

If you are in need of an updated DOT physical in order to begin your bus route, visit AFC Urgent Care Southcenter today! We will be able to work with your school district to get the metrics we need in order to clear you for driving. Our center is available to walk-in patients as well as by appointment seven days a week. For more information about our services, please call 425-970-8117.