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Month: September 2019

Why You Should Regularly Undergo STD Testing

Your sexual health should always be one of your top priorities: most sexually transmitted diseases and infections are easily treatable when diagnosed early and many can be within your body without exhibiting symptoms. Regular STD testing can keep you aware of your status as well as making sure you get the treatment you need to …

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Why You Should Consider Getting an Early Flu Shot

Immediately following back-to-school comes flu season, which, in the Pacific Northwest, can last from late fall through early spring. Making sure each member of your family gets an updated flu shot is critical to staying healthy and protected against the latest strain, especially as the season goes on. Learn about the benefits of getting your …

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DOT Physicals for School Bus Drivers

Schools are starting up again for the fall, which means districts across the city will require new bus drivers to manage undercovered routes to transport students. Did you know that school bus drivers are required to undergo specific tests in order to maintain their certification? Per school district guidelines, each driver needs to undergo routine …

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