Flu Vaccination Clinics

Flu Vaccination Clinics for Employers in Kent, Renton, WA & More!

Seasonal influenza, or, the flu is not just another cold; it’s a potentially dangerous illness that affects up to 20% of the United States’ population each year. Due to losses in productivity and hospital costs, the flu can cost businesses up to $10.4 billion each year.  Due to the losses in productivity and overall health benefits, businesses often enlist medical centers like AFC Urgent Care Southcenter to provide on-site flu vaccine clinics in their office or place of employment.

Employers should heavily encourage employees to receive a flu shot every year. This will ultimately benefit the business, as well as the lives of the employees, as vaccinated workers translates to healthy, happy and productive workers. AFC Urgent Care Southcenter can provide on-site vaccination clinics for employees and their dependents. Call AFC Urgent Care Southcenter at 425-970-8117 for more details about this convenient service.